seitzk (seitzk) wrote,

Also! Feminism in XKCD

.....aaaaand by that expansive subject line I mean one comic in particular (, which I think very neatly captures some of the problems with Randall Munroe's take on feminism.

Yes! We get it! It's very bad to sexualize and demean women on the internet! Yay R.M.!


Who is this dude who waltzes in as Teh Decider? And then assigns some first-name-only woman to shadow a fucking douchebag for a year? Hmmm...

Because nothing screams Feminism! At! Work! more than random dudes busting in and Saving the Day(TM) by assigning women to do the grunt work.

He KIND of gets it, which is why it's so infuriating, in its way - you (I) just want to scream, "You're almost there!"
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