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Random thoughts in response to Amanda Knox

Would there be this outcry over the treatment of Amanda Knox if she was not a conventionally attractive young white woman? I think not. There certainly isn't a similar outcry over the differences in the quality of "justice" found in US courts, if you're poor/a person of color.

I read today at Daisy's Dead Air that there has never once been a millionaire sentenced to death in US courts. Unsurprising. This quote is SO relevant here:

"Nationally, studies consistently demonstrate that, everything else being equal, a defendant is approximately four times more likely to get the death penalty for killing a white person than for a black person. The racial configuration by far the more likely to result in a death sentence is a black defendant and a white victim."

If I see one more person write in *that voice* just how HORRIBLE and UNFAIR the Italian justice system is compared to ours, I will scream.

The whole thing also reminds me of JonBenet Ramsay. The media outcry around her death was HUGE, and so incredibly hurtful to the families and friends of the hundreds of killed/missing kids of color whose tragedies have never made national news. In Atlanta, GA, from 1979-1981, there was a string of child murders that never made it to national news, and the media silence around the killings was part of what made it easy for them to happen.

There wasn't this kind of emotion, this kind of personal feeling that someone AMERICAN could be treated this way, when Laura Ling and Euna Lee were captured by North Korea, that's for damn sure. In fact, I remember reading plenty of comments to blog posts talking about how they were stupid to have gotten so close to North Korean soil. Comparing comment numbers on Jezebel, the posts about Ling and Lee being released received roughly 1/5 to 1/10 as many comments as have the last couple on Amanda Knox.

It's interesting and enraging and completely predictable.
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